Oklahoma City Tornadoes of June 13th 1998
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circulation northeast funnel reforming

As the tornado moved further to the east-northeast the funnel again lifted but kept a strong circulation on the ground causing damage. In this image the funnel is strengthening and beginning to reform.

The funnel begins to take shape again. A swirl of rain and debris persists under the funnel. Note the rotating cylinder of clouds over the tornado. During this image it was beginning to tighten and spin faster.

outer circulaton widens mesocyclone circulation strengthens

The curtain of clouds rotated rapidly during this time causing a wide path of damage extending far out from the tornado.

This is the last shot in my series before I took off east to catch the storm. The cylinder of clouds over the tornado is now spinning very rapidly and contributing to over a mile wide damage path between I-35 and Lake Arcadia to the east of Oklahoma City.

Two Supercells East through NE OKC Supercell at sunset

The Oklahoma City storm is shown to the south and another supercell further to the north. A tornado warning persists for the south storm.

Looking east, the tall convective wall of the Oklahoma City supercell catches the sun that is now below the horizon. Strong motion continues as cumulus towers explode up the back side of the storm. This is still a very violent thunderstorm.

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