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Under The Meso! Mike Umscheid's excellent chase page. Mike is a meteorologist at Dodge City and a great forecaster. Roger & Elke's chase Blog and other stuff.

Chase to Live by Rich Thompson with chase summaries and forecasts studies

Naturgewalten by Thomas Savert who as put a huge amount of work into this site. You speak Skywarn Deutschland, if not the images are fun anyway! This was one of my favorite pages that contains extensive links to tornadoes in other countries. Not all links work, but they are worth a try.

Roger Hill's Severe Weather Site has images from his tours and includes an extensive set of (mostly) video captures from Texas to North Dakota and the western mountain states. Great late season Colorado tornadoes

Welcome to High Noon the home of my friend Klipsi, Paparazzo Del Cielo world travelled photographer from Geneva, Switzerland. See tornadoes, lightning, eclipses and most of all Penguins....gotta love the penguins.

Tornado Xtreme Bill Tabor is one of my chase partners when he can break from family commitments, he's from Austin TX

Voyages Electriques by Alex Hermant who is a great lightning photographer. The site is often slow and requires a fast connection.

Hurricane Warning Jim Leonard is mainly a tropical and hurricane chaser, which is the theme of this web page. Over the years he's amassed a huge number of both tropical and tornado images. His site also has a very good tropical links page.

Roger Edwards Skypix contains a nice image gallery grouped by category, not updated as much recently

MNWXCHASER is Bill Doms site, although his name doesn't appear on the front page. Some great images and a 2007 storm in South Dakota that was outrageous, one wall cloud three tornadoes, yikes!

Electric Skies great lightning photography by Radek Dolecki

Ontario Storms a good site for Canadian severe weather, good images, some outdated links video sales site for Reed Timmer and others in the group. Reed get's spectacular video and drives people crazy doing it

The Stormdoctor Jason Persoff's site is nicely laid out and easy to navigate.

Tornado Project Online a good source for tornado information and tornado posters

Stormgasm The new age chasers and they do get killer video, what ever the cost.

Ron Garvelle's chase page includes images from the US and Canada. New images up from 2007 includes the illusive Odessa, Texas tornado.

Eye in the Tropics is mainly a tropical site by video photographer Mike Theiss. He also has tornadoes and other natural phenomena. He's shot some of he best hurricane footage I've ever seen.

Mike Hollingshead's site Extreme Instability - is full of outstanding images - he is much more than a weather photographer

Jason Politte's Chase Page shows an old image of a 1958 Wichita Falls tornado. That's one I was too young to chase! His front page On the Front has more weather images and nice art on the entry page

Lightning is Susan Strom's collection of mainly Arizona lightning, includes nice mountain shots

Atmospheric Images by Robert Prentice includes facts about chasing as well as storm images

Storm Effects by Brian Morganti is laid out well and fun to look through.

Sky Diary by Chris Kridler includes chase summaries back to 1997 and a storm chaser page that has faces to go with the many names

Italian Storm Chasers now requires a log in, but you can still get to some of the images and maps

PSPhoto Scott McPartland's storm chasing page covers his chase vacations and some east coast stuff too.

Weathererpix stock images by Gene Rhoden, beautiful photography

Jonathan Garner's Homepage has mostly verbal accounts of chases with data included . His photographs are found under the storm photography link.

Lon Curtis has a good site for Central Texas including storm analysis and photos. He does weather at KWTX TV.

Chasing Storms by John Monterverdi and Thom Trimble - includes technical breakdown of the chase

Stormguy includes great images that cycle through on the front page. Site by Dave Crowley and Justin Teague

Andrew Revering photo page that's tied in with Ch5 locally in Minneapolis MN

Stormdude by Dave Chapman includes storms, outdoor photography and kickbully

Eric Nguyen's site is pretty simple, but the images are exceptional. They nailed the McLean night tornado on Mar 28!

Tony Laubach's site Tornadoes Kick - this guy is much (much) better than his site shows.

Storm Highway Dan Robinson is a professional video shooter and one of the few that makes a living off chasing. His site has a commercial flavor and it's kept up year around. The storms are well covered and include more than tornadoes. He did a great job on Greensburg KS.

See Miechael Bath and Jimmy Deguara's Australian Severe Weather It contains many great photographs of all kinds of weather

Michael Thompson's Australian Weather is a great site to look through. Its got a nice layout and is a pleasure to navigate.

Vortex Times by Brian Stertz has nice BIG tornado pictures. See the April 23, 2007 case.

Jeff Snyder's site is called Tornado Central, search for the chase logs.

Shane Adams is great chaser, but has a web site that sometimes works, sometimes and see?

Bill Hark's site has about ten years of chase images and documentation. I know it's not storms, but check out his butterfly photos, nice!

Chuck Doswell's Outdoor Images is a commercial site - great photography that dates back to the early 70's.

Matt Crowther Stormnut is set up a bit different, most images are in the archives section and are easy to navigate one you get started.

Jon Davies page has tornado shots, but is more of an educational site, worth reading

Twister Sisters lots of smiles - great photography on the site

Greg Thompson's In Clouds contains nature photography with high quality images including tornadoes.

Scott Blair's Target area with shots from the Kyle SD storm of 2007

The Storm Cellar Sam Barricklow's (K5KJ) storm chase page. This is also a good link for ham radio operators interested in chasing or spotting.

The Bear's Cage Charles Edwards tour page with chase images

Amos A. Magliocco's Cyclone Road has a nice links page and good photography

Tornado Stalker Justin Walker - check out the twin wedges from the 2007 Grant, Nebraska storm

Tornadoes and Severe Storms is a site by Dodge City forecaster Fritz Kruse. I first met Fritz as part of a hail verification project in Colorado in 1985. by Corey Mead is set up on a blog spot format, looks nice

Storm Chasing by Allan Detrich, he started chasing in 1998, chases with the group MESO

Face the Wind is David Lewison's site and is updated with nice images from this season.

Chris Collura's site includes mainly tropical chases and hurricane images

Bobby Eddins Chase One page has good storm images. includes a history of Kansas tornadoes Blake Michaleski's plains and tropical weather

Bob Conzemius' Chase Page has stories about his chases, not as many updates recently

Scott Weberpal's chase page Violent Atmosphere appears to be undergoing an update

Jeff Wear's site is being kept up. Jeff was always friendly to me, but he's gone now. It's nice that his site remains for the rest of us to remember him.

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