Tornado Damage Near Lamont, Oklahoma
24 May 1998

  Nearby Lamont dodged the bullet

A very large and damaging tornado moved through the community of Lamont, Oklahoma missing the city, but blasting farms in the area. The tornado caused F-3 damage as measured by the Fujita Scale. Due to the slow movement of the tornado it inflicted damage associated with stronger tornadoes on the trees in the area. The tornado occurred at night and in very hazy low visibility conditions.

  Blasted house and denuded trees

Extensive damage to a farm and trees southeast of Lamont, Oklahoma. The roof of the house may be seen in the foreground and the trees are denuded and shattered. These were large trees full of green leaves.

Horse trailer....without horse Tin from a roof wrapped around tree
The strong winds of the tornado carried this empty horse trailer until it became lodged between two trees. Sheet metal roofing material is ripped
apart and wrapped around a tree.

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