A Little About Me....

My son said "dad, you need to update your web page profile." So I'm giving it a new picture taken during the spring of 08 at the Medicine Lodge Pizza Hut. The image represents over 100 years of chasing, as pointed out by Tim Marshall's wife. From left to right are Jim Leonard (hurricane chaser...with camera ready in case a tornado hits the Pizza Hut), Tim Marshall (meteorologist/ structural engineer from Dallas) and me.

I currently live in Del Rio, TX out by the lake. Quite some time ago I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. I currently work as a program manager for the Air Force. I started storm chasing in Tulsa, Oklahoma while attending a nearby junior college. I later moved to Norman, Oklahoma where I joined chase teams at OU and NSSL (the National Severe Storms Laboratory). During the time I lived in Oklahoma I got my pictures in numerous magazines like Nature, National Geographic, Audubon and other sources to include 40 nations outside the US . In addition I was featured in Time Magazine and Weatherwise for storm chasing. In the years following my graduation from OU I worked in both radio and TV weather before getting into the federal government. Now that I live in south Texas I'm still able to get into the heart of chase country, but the trip is a long haul sometimes.

During the spring I chase with a group of friends, sometimes I go alone, but it's more fun to share the experience with others. I shoot some video, but still photography is my choice. I love to be with the storms, but it's not an obsession and I do have other interests. This year will be my 38th year out on the plains. I have collected a bunch of pictures and my goal remains to share them with the world.

Photo credit Dean Gill whom I chased with in 2008. See his website at deanostorm.

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