2004 Chase Season


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Anthony tornado

The next two pages are an overview of the storms I've seen this season. For a more detailed version check the individual chase accounts. Additional digital images and video captures will be added during the off season.

  developing Nebraska tornado tornado crosses Nebraska Interstate tornado widens and moves north
  Colorado born supercell produces this developing tornado in far southwestern Nebraska. The funnel spins up a dirt cloud in a nearby field.   Tornado crosses the Interstate in southwest Nebraska. One truck didn't get out of the way. High based tornadoes can be deceptive.   Tornado increases in size, but only lasted for a few minutes before dissipating and another snake like vortex hit the ground.  

Conway Springs wedge Attica Kansas rope out Iowa snake
Kansas wedge tornado moves off into the night as police try to stay one step ahead.   Photogenic Attica KS tornado moves north of town.   Thick trunk tornado snakes down over Iowa farm.  

looks to be dissipating getting stronger again Tornado approaches from the south
Tornado thins out and appears to be dissipating, but it was only foolin, it quickly intensified as it moved north.   Stronger tornado passes to my north with a churning debris cloud. The orange lighting made the day. A horde of chasers and police vehicles paced the funnel north through a path of muddy roads, some blocked by bridges out signs.   Tornado moves across over fields near Freeport, Kansas. My first view of this tornado found it buried in the haze but soon it moved much closer.  

Tornadoes at Hebron NE, Sharon KS and NW of Argonia KS

churning wall cloud and tornadic circulation forming tornado Sharon KS transparant dust tube
Wall cloud just north of Hebron Nebraska spins up a tornadic debris cloud, May 22nd, 2004.   High funnel begins to pick up dirt near Sharon Kansas on May 12th.   Tornado lifts dirt in a hollow tube as the debris cloud grows stronger.  

twin night tornadoes Argonia KS tornado tornado moving north
Twin tornadoes in the darkness. The large trunk had been going on for a long time when a new tornado formed about 3 miles east and moved to merge. In the darkness it appeared the small one passed north of the larger.
  Large tornado approachs Argonia, Kansas from the south, but never hit the city.  

Argonia Kansas tornado continues north into the waining daylight.


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